How to grow your network?

22nd Nov, 2021

Networking is a very key marketing strategy for every professional or business owner. The wider our network, the more people know about what we do and it gets easier to grow in our line of work. 

The easiest way to grow our network is by being part of the network marketing industry and focusing on growing our network there. 

Here are the top 9 tips to grow your network:

1. Be passionate

Passion is the key to success and it radiates outwards when we showcase the passion we have inside. Anything you do, do it with passion and your magnetism will attract the right people and energy towards you. 

Being passionate can also inspire others around you and help you widen your network on things you connect with, on common ground. 

2. Tell your story

Everyone has a story and a journey of how they got where they are. No one likes to listen to numbers or facts but a good story can always make the conversation interesting. Facts tell and stories sell. 

Stories can also be the way people remember you and feel a connection with you. The more we can make people feel connected with us, the higher are our opportunities to network with like-minded people around us. 

3. Be presentable

The impression we create every time we meet someone decides how much they would respect us and trust us. It is important to dress well, be well-groomed and maintain the right etiquette. 

People don’t judge us by the clothes we wear but by how we carry ourselves. That essentially means that we don’t always have to wear expensive clothes or accessorize but merely wear neat, clean and fresh clothes. 

4. Never miss the training and education


Learning is an everyday process and it is of utmost importance t0 keep learning. Don’t miss a single opportunity to learn and meet other people who are as eager as you. Not only do we learn and understand more about human behavior, communication and people skills in training, we can also use the networking opportunity that training presents to us. 

The day we stop learning is the day we stop growing. 

5. Use the product first

The most important thing is to use the product and be familiar with it. As the foundation of the organization is built on advanced digital technology, it is important to have understood it right. 

The product can also be used as a networking tool to connect with people across the globe. What can be better than being able to talk to anyone across the world without having to move your feet?

6. Build a strong relationship

The key to good networking is in building strong meaningful relationships.  It is genuinely caring about the other person and understanding them. Although it is quite easy to fake it, it adds no value to both the people and doesn’t help to take the relationship forward. 

The best way to build a strong relationship is by asking the right questions about one’s personal and professional life, that are appropriate to ask and relevant to both. This can also be an ice breaker, helping you discover what you have in common with the other person. 

7. Use social media in the right way

Social media is an amazing platform to connect with like-minded people, share the right message and add value to others. One doesn’t have to be a full-fledged creator to make the best out of social media. One can voice out relevant opinions, share about their domain and network with the right set of people. Although Facebook and Instagram are meant for personal connections, it could turn out to be a social hangout to meet some nice people. 

LinkedIn being a professional network, Clubhouse is also joining the popularity race to connect people. 

8. Take the team along

If you are planning to attend an event or going to meet someone, plan a visit with the team and make it count for everyone. This can help everyone meet each others’ connections and build their network. 

When you take the effort to make your team meet someone significant, you will earn their respect for it. In turn, they will also open out their connections for you. This way, you are also letting your team know that you are proud of them and you wish to help each other grow to the next level. 

9. Follow – up

Networking doesn’t end when you part from a person after you speak with them. What matters is how we keep in touch with them later and ensure we are engraved in their memory for the right reasons. 

You could start by dropping them a text stating it was nice to meet them and stay connected by sharing industry-relevant information. Be sure not to spam and add value when you speak to them. If you have a good connection for them, remember to make the connection and follow up on how that went. If they have promised you a connection or vice versa, be sure to follow up, without being pushy. 

The ultimate goal of networking is to build meaningful relationships and we can keep growing our network when we understand how people work and what they are looking for. Irrespective of our field, profession or business, it can be very useful to build on our social capital and be well-networked in the industry and personal life.

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