Mantras for Success

17th Dec, 2021

Success is very subjective in nature and is defined differently by different people. For some, it could mean financial freedom and for some, it could be material wealth and for some, mere happiness and peace could mean success. 

What is common between all the definitions and aspects of success is that it is a journey and not a destination. It requires us to follow certain things and structure our life around them as we need to earn success, every day. A famous person once said that he imagined as though success is borrowed for 24 hours and he would have to work every day to keep borrowing it... 

In this article, we have compiled mantras for success that we have heard from top CEOS, businesses owners and achievers.  

1. Set a goal 

Have a well defined quantified goal with a timeline to achieve it. It is okay to stretch the time you take to achieve the goal but never to shorten the goal post. Write down clearly what you wish to achieve and practice affirmation. Visualise to imagine how it would be after you have achieved that goal and how your life would have changed. 

2. Don’t waste time 

It is better to work on an idea for 1 hour than to think about it for 10 hours. No one is going to start out with perfection and it is important to start with what we have. Don’t waste time waiting for the perfect time or opportunity to come. The only person who can create that perfect opportunity for you is you. 

3. Practice makes us perfect

Consistency and practice are required to turn our thoughts into habits that can help us achieve the desired success. Repeatedly doing what’s required can rewire it into our muscle memory, ensuring we achieve a sense of perfection with that task. 

4. Keep moving forward

It is okay to pause when you need rest but never okay to stop until you achieve your goal. Keep looking ahead at what is coming your way and don’t look back with regrets or resentments. What’s coming ahead is always brighter, when we welcome it with open arms and embrace it fully. 

5. Adapt to change quickly 

Change is the only constant. Those who can accept it to go with the flow are the ones that can sail through any situation. Set your mind to be receptive and to be open to change and ensure that your mind is not being a barrier setting you off from great opportunities. 
Clear off your mental blocks frequently and let the energy of change flow through you. 

6. Be happy in all situations 

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