Secrets to becoming a millionaire faster

21st Dec, 2021

Financial security is one of the major goals we all have as we grow up. We make career choices based on not just our passion and skills but also based on how financially stable and independent we can become.

When we are looking for true financial freedom, it is the right mix of regular income and passive income that can help us achieve that dream. There is often no one way to succeed and as individuals, we need to find what works best for us.

What is active income?

Active income is when we are paid to carry out certain tasks, responsibilities and roles. To receive remuneration, we need to keep working and be present to get the work done.

Most of our jobs and at times our businesses too require our presence in order for it to generate income for us.

When we change our nature of job or nature of profession or business, we can also change our income. In order to increase our regular income, we need to keep upgrading our skills, keep up with the competing market and stay ahead of others in our industry. This can feel like a never-ending chase as we keep working for money.

What is passive income?

Passive income is when money is working for us even when are not trying directly to earn from that source of revenue. They say wealth is determined by how many days we can live without working. This kind of wealth and financial stability can be achieved through passive income. Passive income is a great way of making money work for us.

How does passive income work?

Passive income is about leveraging our current lifestyle, network and revenue sources to make sure money keeps reaching us even when we are not working for it directly. You could be out on a holiday for a month or even for a year, if you have a source of revenue that is coming your way every month or year, that’s when you can say you are earning passive income.

As humans, there is a limitation with respect to our time, efforts and opportunities. As much as we desire to keep increasing our earnings, it becomes physically impossible to do so, as we age or even as we start out our careers.

This is why smart people find digital network marketing opportunities to make passive income and double or triple their earning and create wealth. If you wish to become a billionaire faster, increase your ability and streams of passive income and make financially smart decisions.

How to make passive income?

Now that we have established that passive income can help us grow immensely, here are the top 4 ways in which you could make passive income…

Product affiliations

The affiliate market is huge and exploding. If you come with a good network and a ton of connections, you could leverage it to earn from product affiliations online or offline. It’s all about building your niche.


MLMs provide amazing growth opportunities along with huge income opportunities. By being part of an MLM, you can enrich your social capital and meet new interesting people often. This can open those doors for you that you didn’t even know existed.

Digital assets

The most popular way of passive earning in the 2020s is undoubtedly through digital assets like courses or subscription-based channels that can let you earn through ads. These digital assets have the ability to grow multifold and give you exponential returns.

If you are looking for the right direction, find mentors and opportunities that can help live your dream life at Crizer. Increase your income, fulfil your dreams and live life on your own terms.

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