What is Crizer Digital V-Card?

17th Nov, 2021

Welcome to Crizer Network, the world’s most exciting platform, where you can share your business profile using digital visiting cards all over the world. Move from the age-old visiting cards and upgrade to digitally-driven v-card, which can represent any business in the most professional way.

 Impress the people you connect with through the unique v-card which can be customized and designed according to your business. Share details about your business at an international level within a few seconds. Share your name and company name along with the logo, phone number, email address, profile image and links to all of your social media accounts. Everything you need to create an impression in just one place.

Stand out amidst your competition and look unparalleled as Crizer V-Card lets you present your details in a modern and innovative way. The most useful and exciting feature of the V-Card is that you can track leads and prospects and maintain the customer details all in one digital space.

Once being associated with Crizer, every member of the network gets the facility of Digital V-Card.